Thank you for subscribing to the Beaufort County Register of Deeds Property Alert Service.

The Property Alert Service is the first step in protecting your property.
Signing up for this service alerts you to possible fraudulent activity on your property in Beaufort County, South Carolina, but does not prevent this fraudulent activity from taking place. If you are alerted to an unauthorized transaction and believe it to be fraudulent, you must contact law enforcement to report it.

  1. Getting Started

    Please Register your Username and Password to begin the registration process.

  2. Confirmation Email

    After you receive your confirmation email, please click the link provided in the email to return to the service web page. Next, select the parcel IDs or party names for which you wish to receive alerts.

  3. Register a Parcel ID

    Please refer to the Assessors website or your Tax Bill to locate the parcel ID. You may search by owner name or site address.
    When the search results appear, the parcel ID and site address show:

  4. Register Party Name (Optional)

    You have an option to register a Party Name and receive alerts when documents are recorded with a matching name. All variations of the name must be registered if you wish to receive an alert.
    Example: John Smith, John A Smith, and John Allen Smith would be entered as Smith John, Smith John A, and Smith John Allen.
    Please see the county Official Records Search website to verify matching party names from previously recorded documents.